Pie cuts and are sold in packs of 5 pieces for a total of 45° of bend per pack.


PTL's Stainless Steel Pie Cuts are laser cut from our Mill Finish 304 Stainless Steel 16GA(.065") wall thickness tubing. Pie Cuts are ready to weld right out of the package with minimal prep and cleanup. Stop wasting time and material from cutting your own sections of tube into sections for fabricating complex bends. Each pie section 4.5° cut on each side of the pie for a total of 9° per pie cut and are sold in packs of 5 pieces for a total of 45° of bend per pack.


Each Pack Contains:

5 - 4.5° cut on each side to create a 9° total cut per pie. Inside measurement is 3/8"


Each pack creates a 45° bend

  • 100% laser cut tubing on the worlds fastest Fiber Laser.
  • Made from SS in the USA
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5 Pack - Pie Cuts - 4.5° cut (Tight Bend)

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    Precision Tube Laser is proud to feature The TRUMPF Trulaser 5000 Fiber Tube Laser as the latest technology to bring your big or tiny projects to life.


    Our PTL standard is simple: we provide an all in one process with precision and countless custom cutting solutions that can be designed to fit almost any need or application.


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