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Deburring: No illusions in the "magic box"

Precision Tube Laser embraces automated deburring with the ARKU EdgeBreaker® 6000.


Founded in Las Vegas in 2018, Precision Tube Laser (PTL) has grown from a niche tube laser cutting job shop to a full-service metalworking service provider for a broad range of industries such as automotive and aerospace. The in-house services they offer include; tube and flat laser cutting, forming, design support, material sourcing and post processing which includes deburring services with the EdgeBreaker® 6000.



As Precision Tube Laser added flat metal processing to their portfolio of services about 1.5 years ago, the need for automating the deburring process started to become more apparent. The more and more customers ordered 2D laser cut parts, the more valuable time and employees were needed for manually deburring these parts. As Jordan Yost (Co-owner of PTL) had pointed out "I can't have two or three people doing these parts manually and think we're going to be making money off it or that it's legitimate way to do it as far as consistency and reliability."


„Previously, we did all of our deburring by hand, so we wanted to eliminate that physically demanding part of our job and redirect human resources to where they are really needed."

- Jordan Yost, Co-owner of Precision Tube Laser


Solution from ARKU:

The EdgeBreaker® 6000 deburring machine. This universal machine allows for single-sided deburring, edge rounding and surface finishing in just a single pass. Thanks to the flexibility of controlling all 3 processing units separately, the machine is ready to tackle any type of material or job!

The benefits for Precision Tube Laser as an overview:

  • Complete flexibility when it comes to processing thanks to 3 stages (deburring, edge rounding and surface finishing)

  • Quick and easy to change tools within the machine

  • Automatic tool storage to save the processing parameters for repeat jobs

  • Being able to see the parts being processed through the large glass door for each unit.

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